Kakuijima Island


TEL:Taisho Kisen (boat company)
Address:connected with mainland by Bizen-Hinase Ohhashi Bridge.from Hinase Harbor; about 10 min by boat,2 boats a day
Highlight:Surrounding 28km, biggest island in Okayama Pref.The wild deers live there still now.Surrou8km, biggest island in Okayama Pref.A life in the Yayoi Period can be experienced by wearing the Yantoui (simple type of clothing consisting of a large piece of cloth with a hole in the middle for the head) at Mahoroba, country to experience ancient times,



  1. 備前長船刀剣博物館
    Address:Osafune, Osafune-cho, …
  2. 徳永こいのぼり
    There is a company in Wake Tow…
  3. 3848-7573


    Bizen Curry
    Please come to eat Bizen Curry…