Kakuijima Island


TEL : Taisho Kisen (boat company): TEL 0869-72-0506
Surrounding 28km, biggest island in Okayama Pref.
The wild deers live there still now.
A life in the Yayoi Period can be experienced by wearing the Yantoui (simple type of clothing consisting of a large piece of cloth with a hole in the middle for the head) at Mahoroba, country to experience ancient times,

Access : connected with mainland by Bizen-Hinase Ohhashi Bridge.
from Hinase Harbor; about 10 min by boat,2 boats a day.

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  1. 備前長船刀剣博物館
    Address:Osafune, Osafune-cho, …
  2. 徳永こいのぼり
    There is a company in Wake Tow…
  3. 3848-7573


    Bizen Curry
    Please come to eat Bizen Curry…