Special Historic Site; Former Shizutani School


Address:784, Shizutani, Bizen-shi, Okayama Pref, 705-0036
TEL:Front 0869-67-1436
Closed:Dec 29~31
Fee:Adult JPY 400 Student of junior high-school and elementary school JPY 100 65 years old or aboce JPY 200
Access:Get off at Yoshinaga Sta. of JR Sanyo Line, 3.9 km, 10 min by taxi・Get off at Bizen-Katakami Sta. of JR Ako Line, 7.4 km, 15 min by taxi (free parking for 500 cars)

Shizutani School is the school for educating common people under the direct control of the head of the former Okayama feudal domain built in Edo Period. Almost all constructions such as Auditorium, a National Treasure, Confucian Temple, Shizutani Shrine are designated as the Important Cultural Assets. Showing the color scheme in each season, trees and flowers delight people.

What you see today is the form of Shizutani School which was completed in 1701 (Genroku 14th). It was established by Mitsumasa Ikeda, the head of the former Okayama feudal domain, in 1670 (Kanbun 10th). The school of the feudal domain for Samurai’s children located in Okayama castletown, and Shizutani School was established as the learning place for common people from the beginning.







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